SimpleFeed Adds Google+ Publishing and Analytics to Its Social Syndication Hub

Ideal for companies seeking to help their channel partners improve engagement and search results.

LOS ALTOS, CA – Feb. 26, 2015 – SimpleFeed today announced the addition of Google+ publishing and analytics to the Social Syndication Hub. SimpleFeed’s Social Syndication Hub is a predictive publishing service that automatically determines what content companies should publish, where they should publish it, and what day and time they should publish to get optimal results. With the Social Syndication Hub, companies benefit from innovative algorithms that distribute content to ideal channels based on type, keywords, and categories; measure and analyze content and channel effectiveness; and boost lead generation, engagement, and conversions.

With the addition of Google+, Global 2000 businesses and their partners get optimized content delivered to their Google+ pages resulting in higher engagement and improved search engine results.

“In 2015 companies are under increased pressure to show ROI on their Social Media Marketing initiatives,” said Mark Carlson, CEO of SimpleFeed. “Companies that regularly publish content to Google+ experience more purchase intent traffic to their website and Google+ page. SimpleFeed makes it easy for marketers to scale these campaigns across their partner, distributor and dealer networks.”

All components of the Social Syndication Hub support Google+. In the Partner Portal, channel partners can authorize Google+ publishing, set up publishing schedules and content preferences, and schedule Google+ posts from a visual content library. Marketers can use administrative tools to create and curate content. They can also review participation and engagement reports at the partner, content and channel level.


About SimpleFeed

SimpleFeed was founded in 2004 to help companies connect with their customers in new ways. In 2005, SimpleFeed introduced its enterprise-class RSS publishing and analytics service, which quickly became the leading RSS publishing service for major corporations. Building on its content syndication technology, SimpleFeed added Facebook and Twitter publishing and analytics in 2009 to help businesses automate publishing to social channels. SimpleFeed sells directly to Global 2000 companies and is offered through leading email service providers, advertising agencies, and marketing services companies. SimpleFeed is located in Los Altos, CA. More information is available at and @simplefeed.