Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is SimpleFeed’s product?

The SimpleFeed Social Syndication Hub is a hosted software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for creating, managing, and measuring Mobile and Social Marketing programs on platforms such as Apple News, Facebook (including Instant Articles), Instagram, Twitter, Voice, RSS and web. Social Syndication Hub helps your company get measurable results by automatically publishing your optimal content to the optimal site at the optimal time. With Social Syndication Hub, your company can syndicate content to other mobile, social and web sites and communicate directly with customers, prospects, partners, and other audiences.

2. We need RSS feeds. Do you create them?

Yes, we create feeds from any type of content.

3. My company has RSS feeds. What can you do for us?

SimpleFeed can do many things for you, including:

  • Provide RSS analytics similar to your website analytics.
  • Make feed content look like your website via templating.
  • Let you create new feeds from various content sources, such as content management systems, search results, data feeds, office documents, and web pages.
  • Improve the feed subscription process so you can get more subscribers.
  • Offer RSS content to your channel distribution partners.
  • Enable personalized feeds (“Hi Joe, thought you might be interested in …”).
  • Integrate feeds with your other marketing channels, such as web, social media, and email.
  • Allow you to filter and “mash-up” various feeds.
  • Protect your content via secure feeds.
  • Provide best practices for feeds and syndication.
  • Let you manage and measure feeds in one place.
  • Give you a single point of support for your feeds.
  • Provide a technology roadmap, including upcoming product features.

4. How can you help my company establish a compelling presence on Facebook?

SimpleFeed can help you:

  • Publish via Facebook API including Instant Articles for mobile users.
  • Determine the optimal content to publish based on your business objectives (clicks, likes, etc.).
  • Automate publishing of optimal content to your page and the pages of your business partners. SimpleFeed publishes content from your website, content management system, data feeds, RSS feeds, and other content sources based on rules you define. As your social customer touchpoints expand, this saves time and minimizes mistakes.
  • Manually publish content to your page and those of your partners.
  • Provide analytics on your social media programs and those of your partners so that you can report on successes and develop best practices.

5. Can you get my content to my employees and channel partners’ websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts?

Yes, SimpleFeed makes it easy for employees and channel partners to publish your content to their websites, Facebook pages, and Twitter accounts, maximizing your content investment and expanding your web and social footprint. SimpleFeed provides analytics to measure the success of your employees and channel partners.

6. Can you get my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter content and social interactions to my other marketing channels?

Yes, SimpleFeed extracts content from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and lets you republish selected content to your website, RSS feeds, and email programs.

7. How can you help my company establish a compelling presence on Instagram?

SimpleFeed can do many things for you, including:

  • Automatic import your image and video library into our white label iOS and Android Apps which enable one click Instagram publishing.
  • Automate Instagram story creation.
  • Insert links with one click.
  • Provide analytics on your Instagram programs so that you can report on successes and develop best practices.

8. What reports do I get from SimpleFeed?

SimpleFeed offers reports on subscribers, opens, clicks, and social engagement actions across content items, feeds, social networking sites, search strings, domains, geographies, search engines, RSS readers, and websites syndicating your content. You can drill down on reports to see the actions of subscribers, fans, and followers on a daily basis.

9. Can I publish content from my content management system to my feeds and social networks?

Yes, SimpleFeed integrates with leading content management systems.

10. How does SimpleFeed work with email?

SimpleFeed automatically imports content (parts of web pages, social content, RSS feeds, and XML files) and generates part or all of the email template. We then publish the content as HTML, RDF, and plain text to your email service provider. As a result, you can automate the email content creation process and significantly cut email costs and product time.

11. Do you offer a free version of the SimpleFeed solution?


12. Do you offer a trial version of the SimpleFeed solution?

Serious prospective customers can use a test site.

13. Can I get a demo of the SimpleFeed solution?

Yes, please submit a request here

14. Using SimpleFeed, how long does it take to launch mobile social and or web publishing?

It can take just a few days, but most customers follow a six-week process established by the SimpleFeed implementation team.

15. Do I need to sign a contract?

Yes, SimpleFeed has a six-page contract with a one-year term.

16. Can I use SimpleFeed on my blog?

Yes, but it’s really designed for major companies with substantial content.

17. I have a small business. Is SimpleFeed good for me?

SimpleFeed typically works with major corporations. Unless your company has a very aggressive online presence, SimpleFeed may not fit into your budget.

18. How much does SimpleFeed cost?

SimpleFeed is designed for major corporations and develops pricing based on customer needs. Because SimpleFeed Social Syndication Hub is a software-as-a-service solution, it offers seamless upgrades and doesn’t impact IT organizations. Pricing includes a set-up fee (which covers customized subscription pages, feed templates, content and social integrations, and initial training) and a monthly recurring fee based on usage.

19. Does SimpleFeed integrate with Omniture?

Yes, SimpleFeed is an Omniture partner.

20. Does SimpleFeed have an API?

Yes, our customers can use our API to push content to SimpleFeed and pull content and reports out of SimpleFeed.