Toyota Case Study

Challenge: Get Optimal Content to Distribution Partners’ Web and Social Sites

Toyota invests heavily in creating great content. But like other companies that sell through third parties, Toyota struggled to get this content to the dealers who needed it most.

Solution: Let Dealers Automate Content Publishing

With the SimpleFeed Social Syndication Hub, Toyota dealers can automatically publish the latest content developed by Toyota corporate. Dealers simply set up their predictive publishing preferences in SimpleFeed with a few clicks (see image 1). Then SimpleFeed automatically publishes news, incentives, social content, and YouTube videos to dealers’ Facebook timelines, Twitter accounts, and websites at the optimal time. Toyota corporate keeps tabs on the program’s effectiveness using SimpleFeed analytics, and fine-tunes the program iteratively. Dealers can even choose and edit the content they like!

Results: More Leads, Expanded Social Footprint

Thanks to SimpleFeed, dealers receive a steady stream of valuable content to their Facebook timelines and Twitter accounts, enhancing engagement and generating leads (see images 2 and 3). And, their websites feature more dynamic content, improving both the customer experience and SEO. Toyota corporate has massively expanded its social footprint by tapping into dealers’ social fans and followers. And, both dealers and corporate always have the latest incentive offers on their web and social sites.

Image 1 – Dealers can set up automated publishing using the SimpleFeed Social Syndication Hub.

Image 2 – Offers published to a dealer’s Facebook Timeline.
Image 3 – Product Reveal in Twitter.