RSS Feeds

With the Social Syndication Hub, you can:

  • Automatically distribute content to RSS feeds based on type, keywords, and categories
  • Measure and analyze content and channel effectiveness
  • Boost lead generation, engagement, and conversions

Telecommunications Case Study

Challenge: Educate and Sell Customers on New Services

A major telecommunications provider needed to evangelize its $16 billion high speed internet build out – and generate a pipeline of leads that it could nurture as soon as the service went live.

Solution: Automatically Publish Content to RSS

Using SimpleFeed, the telecommunications provider created RSS feeds that included press releases and product information, and let customers choose what type of content they wanted to receive (image 1).

Results: Better Lead Generation

When it rolled out its new services, the telecommunications provider published product content that included strong calls to action to its RSS feeds, turning RSS subscribers into leads and customers (image 2).

Image 2

In the image above, the subscriber enters a phone number to check offer eligibility. Eligible RSS feed subscribers could purchase high speed internet services on the telecommunications provider’s website. Non-eligible RSS feed subscribers could sign up to be notified when the offer would apply to them.