Automated Email Generation

With the Social Syndication Hub, you can:

  • Generate emails by dynamically pulling content from digital channels
  • Reduce manual development and coding of emails
  • Cut cycle times, costs, and errors
  • Create AMP Emails – New!


T.V. Network Case Study

Challenge: Get Timely, Relevant Content into Email

A leading television network spent considerable time and resources producing email to promote its programs. As its most timely, relevant content lives on dynamic web pages and Facebook, the T.V. network had to manually search for content, cut and paste it into email templates, and adjust the email’s HTML code. The process was time-consuming, error-prone, and costly.

Solution: Automated Content Extraction, Aggregation, Templating, and Publishing to Email Service Provider

Using SimpleFeed, the T.V. network now automatically extracts text, links, images, and video elements from its digital channels – such as web pages and Facebook timelines – in any format (RSS, HTML, XML, Web Service, Facebook, Twitter, and more). Based on rules set by the network, SimpleFeed then aggregates content elements into HTML, RTF, and text templates, and publishes them via an API into a leading email service provider (ESP). Then, the network or ESP sets up automated content imports, schedules pushes to the ESP, and even edits and previews the HTML, RTF and text templates.

Results: Reduced Cycle Times, Production Costs, and Errors

After a one-time setup, the T.V. network has reduced email production cycles from days to seconds. Because emails contain more timely, relevant content, the campaigns yield better results. And with all the time and money saved, the network has more resources to enhance its email programs – and create new ones.

Image 1: Kitchen Boss Facebook timeline is the source of content.

Image 2: Facebook content is extracted, templated, and published to an email service provider, which delivers the above email.