With over 800 million users, Instagram is the fastest growing social network over the last two years. Instagram users under age twenty five spend an average of thirty-two minutes a day on Instagram. If you want to reach the next generation of consumers, it is time to get going on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Instagram is much harder for Brands and Publishers to use than most other social networks. Videos can only be posted via an iOS or Android device. Use of links is limited and must be inserted manually, limiting traffic driving potential. Using Instagram can be time consuming and difficult to scale if you are a large organization.

But SimpleFeed can help! Our features include:

  • Automatic import of your image and video library into white label iOS and Android Apps
  • One click publishing with iOS and Android Apps
  • Automated story creation
  • Links inserted with one click
  • Content filtering for rights compliance
  • Admin with customer editable imports
  • Understand all your channels through aggregated reporting by channel and content
  • Phone and email support.

Please contact us to discuss how SimpleFeed can help scale your Instagram presence.

SimpleFeed’s Instagram Helper App imports your image and video library for easy publishing

SimpleFeed’s Helper App allows you to publish immediately or schedule for later

SimpleFeed’s Helper App automatically inserts links

SimpleFeed makes it easy for you to get your images and video into Instagram in record time.