Facebook Instant Articles

Instant Articles are Facebook’s new mobile content syndication format. Featuring instant loading content, your followers get a better experience on mobile devices. Brands and publishers enjoy better organic reach for this favored format. Publishers can insert their own ads or have Facebook’s high CPM “Audience Network” ads automatically inserted.

Creating Instant Articles manually is much more time consuming than using link shares. Using SimpleFeed you can create, curate and/or automatically publish your content to Instant Articles and measure the result. SimpleFeed’s Instant Articles Features include:

  • Instant publishing with delete and update via Facebook API
  • Multiple content import options (RSS, CMS, XML, HTML scraping, etc.)
  • Enhanced content import (images, credits, embeds, videos, social posts)
  • Content filtering for rights compliance
  • Custom templates to maintain brand identity
  • Admin with customer editable templates, imports, tracking and ad management
  • Monetize through your ads via your ad server or use the Facebook Audience Network
  • Understand all your channels through aggregated reporting by channel, content and ad
  • Support for push notifications
  • Phone and email support.

Please contact us to discuss how SimpleFeed can help with Instant Articles.

Facebook Instant Article with Video

Facebook Instant Article with Audience Network Ad and Call to Action