Use SimpleFeed to:

  • Distribute your Podcasts to leading directories including iTunes, Google Play and SoundCloud with one click
  • Name, describe and schedule your Podcasts with WYSIWYG Editor (Image 1)
  • Measure the success of the directories and your Podcasts with Enterprise level analytics (Image 2)
  • Run Social, Web, and Email campaigns to maximize listener-ship.


With over 10 years of Podcast publishing and analytics experience, SimpleFeed knows they are a great way to get your message to mobile users. With Podcasts surging in popularity now is a great time to start or upgrade your program. SimpleFeed gives you the distribution and analytics you need to succeed in Podcasting. Please contact us to discuss how SimpleFeed can help.

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Image 1: SimpleFeed Publishing Admin.


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Image 2: SimpleFeed Reporting