Browser Notifications

Frustrated that your great content is blocked by email filters and social network algorithms? Try Browser Notifications. With no App to download or email address to provide, it’s easy for your customers and prospects to opt-in. Brands and Publishers enjoy a direct and owned channel to their customers.

But before you add some script to your homepage and attached an all content RSS Feed, ask if this will be an effective marketing program. Once they hit “Deny” the chance for connection is gone. And opting out is just as easy as opting in. So how to do get and retain push notification subscribers?

Success comes from knowing when to ask and then providing relevant content. SimpleFeed provides a turn key solution enabling subscribers to choose relevant content and Brands and Publishers to measure the results.

SimpleFeed for Browser Notifications offers:

  • Content Preference Center for subscriber content selection
  • Browser Notification specific analytics
  • Link tracking
  • Custom subscription permission dialogues
  • In notification image support
  • Automated content import and filtering (RSS, XML, web, etc.)
  • Manual content publishing
  • Campaign management
  • Optional advertising insertion
  • Phone and email support

Please contact us to discuss how SimpleFeed can help you succeed in Browser Notifications.

Custom Opt-In and Preference Center