Social Publishing

With Social Publishing, you can:

  • Automate content distribution to RSS feeds, web pages, mobile applications, and social sites
  • Measure and analyze content and channel effectiveness
  • Boost lead generation, engagement, and conversions

Orvis Case Study

Challenge: Automate Content Marketing to Social, Mobile, and Web

Orvis, a leading sporting goods and apparel retailer, produces reports on local stream and river fishing conditions through its network of fly fishing schools. But people could only access these reports on a website, limiting their usefulness in an increasingly social and mobile world. Orvis needed to widen report distribution – and take advantage of additional digital channels.

Solution: Fully Automated RSS, Web, and Twitter Publishing

Now, when a local guide uploads a new report, SimpleFeed automatically publishes the report to RSS feeds, web pages, mobile applications, and Twitter. Customers can subscribe to an RSS feed (see image 2) or Twitter account (see image 3) on a “per river” basis (see image 1) to get the reports on any device, anywhere.

Results: Boost in Usage, Customer Loyalty, and Revenue

With their mixture of content and commerce, the Orvis fly fishing reports not only engage fishermen, they open new revenue opportunities. Along with fishing conditions, the reports include Orvis products that can help fishermen enjoy an even better experience on their rivers. And with SimpleFeed analytics, Orvis can easily measure subscribe rates, social engagement, and click-throughs to purchase.

Image 1: Subscribe and get the latest report on your favorite river from Orvis.

Image 2: Orvis Fishing Report subscribed in Internet Explorer 10 RSS Reader.

Image 3: Orvis publishes content to Twitter.