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  • Premium Publishers – Are You Looking for Revenue?

    Great article last week in Semafor about Apple News+ “As clicks dry up for news sites, could Apple’s news app be a lifeline?” With Google SERP changes and Social Networks sending less traffic, publishers need to rely on syndication more than ever.  Semafor notes the Daily Beast is “on track to make between $3-4 million […]

  • Microsoft Start galleries made simple with SimpleFeed

    Microsoft Start galleries do very well for publishers. SimpleFeed's WordPress plugin makes it easy to create galleries and comes with many extra features. […]

  • Meet SimpleFeed at

    A great blog post from our friends at on SimpleFeed for Publishers. […]

  • Quick Take – Apple News+, The Biggest News App is About to get Much Bigger

    Apple revised its free Apple News App and announced their $10 a month Apple News+ service today. Aside from a new logo and lots of new News+ content, it is a pretty light look and feel update. However, there is nothing light about the implications for media companies so we will draw some real-time business […]