SimpleFeed Launches Simple, Secure RSS Service at DEMO

Leading On-Demand RSS Marketing Service Makes RSS Even more Simple, and Enables New Businesses with Secure RSS

PHOENIX, AZ — Feb 6, 2006 – SimpleFeed (, the leader in delivering RSS marketing services to corporations, today announced new features that make RSS simpler, faster and more secure. SimpleFeed is now the only company to offer RSS secure feeds, automatic Web import, and self-service capabilities. The new features were previewed at the annual DEMO conference, the premiere event for revealing new technology products and services, held this week in Phoenix, Arizona.

“SimpleFeed brings together the best of what RSS has to offer – customization, personalization, self-service, security and customer convenience – and makes it simple for companies to deploy RSS feeds,” said Mark Carlson, CEO of SimpleFeed. “The new SimpleFeed Secure and automated Web import capabilities give businesses the fastest, simplest and most reliable path to RSS – with the measurement they require and the personalization their customers deserve.”

SimpleFeed, founded in late 2003, is a pioneer in providing on-demand RSS solutions to marketing departments. Prior to SimpleFeed, organizations and marketers interested in deploying RSS feeds had only one option – build it themselves. With SimpleFeed, companies now quickly and easily offer RSS feeds to customers. Using SimpleFeed’s templating and design features, the feeds carry the same look and feel as the rest of a company’s marketing. SimpleFeed customers are routinely reporting that 20 percent of their overall Web traffic is now coming from the RSS feeds they deployed using SimpleFeed.

“RSS is improving the way companies communicate by letting customers choose what, how and when they want information,” said Chris Shipley, executive producer of DEMO. “SimpleFeed is helping take the complexity out of RSS and moving RSS into the corporate mainstream by reducing the technical barriers and adding many of the features – such as measurement and management – that are essential for today’s businesses.”

New SimpleFeed features previewed at DEMO include:

  • SimpleFeed Secure – For the first time, businesses can guarantee delivery of secure content over RSS — free of phishing, spam or viruses. Leveraging SimpleFeed’s unique URL technology, companies can publish RSS feeds that require a username and password. SimpleFeed Secure works with any RSS reader or browser that supports username and password, such as the pending version of Microsoft Internet Explorer, IE 7. This feature will be ideal for media companies looking to monetize RSS and Financial Services.
  • Automatic Web Import – Any company that can publish content to their Web site, can now publish content to their RSS feed automatically. Companies can simply import a web page by cutting and pasting a URL. That page becomes a new content item in their RSS Feed in the proper look and feel of their site. SimpleFeed can automatically create feeds from a wide variety of marketing content and sources on the web — such as press releases, customer and product support information, even blogs and podcasts.

Self Service RSS

SimpleFeed also announced today a self-service model for customers interested in trying out the SimpleFeed service. Ideal for customers with smaller marketing budgets or those looking to experiment with RSS, the new self-service version of SimpleFeed allows businesses to set up their own RSS feeds using a simple Web interface. The self-service version features SimpleFeed’s unique templating and unique URL. The self-service starter solution is available for $99 per feed per month

About SimpleFeed

SimpleFeed, headquartered in Los Altos, CA, is the newest and simplest way for marketing departments to implement, manage and modify customer communications programs – all without needing any IT support. As a result, SimpleFeed has become the market leader for providing on-demand RSS marketing services to corporations. With SimpleFeed, customers subscribe using RSS to product updates, customer support, recent news – whatever interests them. The result is a simple, persistent communication channel that respects the time and privacy of customers. In return, companies get more attention, more credibility and the ability to measure the results of their communication programs. SimpleFeed is being used by corporations to increase sales to existing customers, acquire new customers and increase customer retention. Customers now include Ad-Tech, IDG World Expo, Book of the Month club, and more.

About DEMO

The annual DEMO conferences focus on emerging technologies and new products, which are hand-selected from across the spectrum of the technology marketplace. The DEMO conferences have earned their reputation for consistently identifying tomorrow’s cutting-edge technologies, and have served as launch pad events for companies such as Palm, E*Trade, Handspring and U.S. Robotics, helping them secure venture funding, establish critical business relationships and influence early adopters. Each DEMO conference features approximately 70 new companies, products and technologies. For more information on the DEMO conferences, visit

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