SimpleFeed Customer Featured in First Case Study on RSS Best Practices

Case Studies Sure To Be Hot Topic At This Week’s Syndicate Conference in New York

LOS ALTOS, Calif., — May 17, 2005 – SimpleFeed ( initial customer is the only company featured in a recent case study on best practices for RSS published by Marketing Sherpa (, a media company for marketers. The story, “RSS in Reality,” highlights the tremendous success this division of a Fortune 500 Company has enjoyed by offering RSS with SimpleFeed.

Marketing Sherpa describes, “RSS’s biggest challenge of all – tracking and measurement.” Marketing Sherpa chose SimpleFeed’s customer for its case study, since it was the first company to deploy RSS feeds via unique URLs, a technology pioneered by SimpleFeed. The deployment also utilizes personalization — another of Marketing Sherpa’s best practices.

In the Marketing Sherpa case study, the Director of Marketing for the customer, discusses how they:

  • Began offering RSS with SimpleFeed as a market test
  • Quickly gained thousands of clients and prospects as subscribers – far more than expected
  • Send constant and custom news to customers -often several a day
  • Delivers content based on individual interests, using a SimpleFeed landing page with multiple subscription options
  • Tracks results on open rates, content read and click-through, while maintaining privacy

The case study comes on the eve of the first major RSS related conference, Syndicate ( At Syndicate, Carlson will be discussing the case study as he moderates three panels related to RSS for corporate marketing. The first panel, titled “Opt-In or Opt-Out: The Marketing Power of RSS,” also will include Rok Hrastnik.

“RSS is trackable and measurable,” wrote Hrastnik, author of the book “Unleash the Marketing and Publishing Power of RSS.” Hrastnik’s comments about the Marketing Sherpa case study appear on “Those that implement RSS early will achieve an upper hand over their competitors, especially if you consider RSS not only as an end-user content delivery channel, but an online visibility generation tool as well.”

“Our customer took a chance on RSS, wrote the book on best practices, and is now reaping the benefits of their foresight, as evidenced by case study profile by Marketing Sherpa,” said Mark Carlson, CEO of SimpleFeed. “SimpleFeed gives them the flexibility to offer customers multiple subscription options, to easily track results of their programs, and to maintain the privacy of their customers.”

Marketing Sherpa also offers a guide on Best Practices, written by SimpleFeed, at The article is free at until May 23, after which it is available to subscribers.

About SimpleFeed

SimpleFeed, headquartered in Los Altos, Calif., is the newest and simplest way for marketing departments to implement, manage and modify customer communications programs – all without needing any IT support. As a result, SimpleFeed has become the market leader for providing on-demand RSS marketing services to corporations. With SimpleFeed, customers subscribe using RSS to product updates, customer support, recent news – whatever interests them. The result is a simple, persistent communication channel that respects the time and privacy of customers. In return, companies get more attention, more credibility and the ability to measure the results of their communication programs. SimpleFeed is being used by corporations to increase sales to existing customers, acquire new customers and increase customer retention.

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